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A core value we instil in each student is that everyone has a role to play in community, and a responsibility to touch the life of someone else positively. Putting that into action, we organise the students, teachers and parents and carry out activities aimed at making a contribution to the community. Over the years we have been major contributors through collection of funds, dry food and clothes for the following initiatives:

1. The Mater Heart Run:
This is an annual event where funds are collected in aid of the children with cardiac problems in need of corrective surgery. The event is organized through the Mater Hospital. Over the years, the School has been among the major contributors to this worthy cause.

2. The Starehe Girls Centre:
Starehe Girls’ Centre is one of the top national schools in Kenya. It admits bright girls of disadvantaged backgrounds from all counties. A Fund raising walk, an event which is held annually by the school, started in June 2006 and has been successfully conducted for six years. Riara Group of schools has participated in this event since its inception in 2006 to 2011. The Starehe Girls’ annual walk is one of The Riara’s major corporate/social responsibilities among others. In the year 2010, The Riara Group of Schools contributed Kshs 2,034,665.60. The Riara group of Schools has been winning the leading trophy for the highest contributor for the last five years. The Riara Group of Schools is usually well represented with many of their students, teachers, school heads and our Academic Director, Dr. Eddah Gachukia walking. Two of The Riara Group of Schools’ teachers have all the years been in the main planning committee of the walk. The Academic Director of Riara Group of Schools, Dr. Eddah Gachukia, who is also a founder member and trustee of the Starehe Girls’ Centre, has over the years graciously provided RGS buses to transport all Starehe Girls students to and from the walk venue. Starehe Girls Centre is always in our hearts and we will continue to support the good work being done to promote education of needy children in Kenya.

3. Mama Fatuma Children’s Home:
At the end of every year, we host a party for the children of Mama Fatuma Children’s Home at our Riara Springs Academy Campus. Mama Fatuma’s children experience a welcome change of environment and our Riara students have an opportunity to play and connect with the little ones from the home. Members of the school community donate dry food and clothing for the children too.