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Pupils having a Computer Lesson
The world keeps evolving and computers too are evolving… what an evolution! Let’s all keep abreast with technology lest we be rendered obsolete!

The ICT department has been instrumental in supporting the teaching and learning process in the school thereby making the heartbeat of ICT function in the school beat with efficiency and strength. This is facilitated by our state of the art ICT facilities; both hardware and software which are updated on a regular basis in order to maintain industry standards and ensure that content delivered is up to date and child friendly. Our ratio of one computer to one child makes sure that every learner gets an equal opportunity to acquire IT skills.

We have level based interactive educational software that reinforces concepts learnt in class as well as tailor made exercises and puzzles on the computer for every level. All these make learning on the computer exciting and stimulating for every child.

Apart from the timetabled computer lessons for every class we have carefully organized IT sessions for pupils where they acquire extra hands-on skills in ICT. These lessons do not interfere with the normal scheduling of other lessons and are conducted on Saturdays and school holidays. We have computer lessons every Saturday of the term and during school holidays we have a computer camp which is usually a blending of exciting playtime activities and IT skills.

The power of Internet especially in an education concern cannot be over empasized. We are using this powerful tool to help students realize their full potential through research and child centered activities on the web. This way we believe they will be able to learn and work in this progressive 21st century with ease.