Overview introduction

The RGS operates 3 clinics in the campus. The clinics are manned by three qualified nurses to ensure high nursing care to promote health standards.
RGS clinics are equipped with good facilities to cater for first aid & emergency situations before referral or transfer for further management by a doctor to the nearest fully fledged medical facility. At The Riara Springs Girls High School matron/nurse is on call on a 24hour basis


RS sanatorium is equipped with the following:-
3 beds
Examination couch
Counseling room
Nurses office
Observation equipment
Blood pressure machine
Weighing scale
Optical & ear examination machine

RRD Clinic

Examination couch
Others as above plus a computer to store medical records

Special needs

Children various needs are catered for

Special diet

The kitchen is well equipped to handle diets of children with a prescribed diet ,and the nurse ensures that need is fulfilled


Diabetic cases are managed efficient in the clinic by;Doing a blood sugar monitor daily as per doctors order and maintain a record.


Are always taken care of and advised to always carry their inhalers. Children on medication ,these are administered as per doctors prescription

Other services provided

1. Counseling
Is offered to children should have behavior issues, social problems,academic problems ,
The Head teacher, class teacher parents are involved ,where need arises.
At RGS there are qualified counselors, in case of an issue.

2. Health Education
This is taught according to age groups we have coursed various topics like;-
a. Personal hygiene-using toilets facilities & we ensure tjey are comfortable handwash procedure.
b. Growth and development-transition from one stage to another
c. Challenges of adolescents ,moods ,coping at this stage e.t.c

3. Environmental Health
How to develop a culture of been environmental friendly.

4. Training on First Aid
Every now and then we organise the above ssessions to bring awarenes of First Aid to all including our children. Accidents happen anywhere as we all need this knowledge

5. Safety
Children encounter injuries all the time. When they come to clinic & even during health education seesions, we emphase on safe play & focus.
Sick children and staff have different presentations

(i) Minor Illness e.g a head ache,stomach ache e.t.c: These are treated with analgesics as per parent’s preference. The child is observed and reviewed, progress is noted in the chart and follow-up is done. If the illnes persists, the class teacher communicates to the parent who seeks medial attention.

(ii )Emergency Situation
As the patient is attended, the head teacher and the class teacher are informed who communicate to parents,arrangements are made with the transport to transfer the patient to the neares hospital immediately.
Then the parents joins us in hospital as treatment is going on

(iii)Up-coming events
Cleaning day proposal