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Saleef  Nyambok

I cleared from Riara in 2011 with 395 marks. Up until that time I had enrolled in Riara as My first school since Kindergarten. I congratulate you for 40 years of amazing service!! I love how this (Riara) school finds a fine balance between extracurricular activities and academics. The love from teachers, the trips are some of the few reasons why I wish there was a Riara Boys High school…..I would never have thought twice about going there. This school is amazing and being (back) here almost brings tears to my eyes.  Thanks for all the memories I’ll never forget.

Angela Wahaki

This is to inform you that Angela Wahaki Mbugua won the Equity Bank University Sponsorship and
Leadership program. She emerged the top girl in the Embakasi District – KCSE 2011.
The commissioning of the program took place on Monday 2nd April 2012 .

Sophie Umazi Musimbi

Riara Springs as a primary school helped me develop my courage as a public speaker in front of large crowds. From the tender age of 8, the schools administration including the teachers encouraged me to lead the national anthem during termly school events. As one of the youngest scout commanders at 9, I was faced with the challenge of leading people much older than I hence increasing my risk taking capabilities and courage. These are key values to have at the African Leadership Academy and in life in general so as to succeed in all that one does.

Personally, I would like to pursue Entertainment Law as a career so as to set the structures in our entertainment industry straight. These loose structures allow the hard work of many artists both performing and visual to go down the drain as the heads of these industries embezzle their money. I believe that the Kenyan Arts industry has the potential to be 8-10% of the GDP earner in Kenya as the World Bank reported that the music industry in 2010 alone grossed in 6billion Kenya shillings in profit where 4 billion was embezzled by most of the industry head and pirates. I strive to make the potential of the music industry blossom into a profitable career choice and not just as a part time job during my lifetime through some of the policies I plan to implement after I grasp the legal knowledge of the industry.