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Our Vision: “To be a centre of excellence in the provision of quality kindergarten, primary and high school education”

Our Mission: “To provide a holistic education that enables each learner to acquire knowledge, and to develop social and moral values, through a friendly learning environment where professionals help the student realize his or her highest potential”.

Our Core Values:

EXCELLENCE                  – We will have only one standard EXCELLENCE!

Leading by EXAMPLE    – We will strive to lead by EXAMPLE.

TEAMWORK                    – We will cultivate the spirit of TEAMWORK.

INTEGRITY                       – We will be ETHICAL and PROFESSIONAL in our CONDUCT

INNOVATION                  – We will encourage and reward especially INNOVATION, BREAKTHROUGH IDEAS.

Riara has succeeded in building a name as a reputable institution offering quality and holistic education; meeting the needs and requirements of her many stakeholders that include students, parents and the government. Driven by our motto ‘striving for excellence’, The Riara Group of Schools aims at pursuing excellence in the provision of quality Kindergarten, Primary, High School and University education. The Riara Group of Schools consists of six institutions located in three campuses:

 The first campus is along Nairobi’s Riara Road where the Kindergarten and Primary are located in various annexes along the entire stretch of the road. The Riara Group of Schools recently started the Riara International School which is currently incubated in one of the annexes along Riara Road.

The second campus is the Riara Springs Campus which is located in the Imara Daima area off Mombasa Road and has a Kindergarten, Primary and Girls’ High School.

1. Riara Kindergartens:

– Riara Kindergarten
– Riara Springs Kindergarten

Riara Kindergartens offer a unique early childhood education experience for children between the ages of 2.5 years – 6years. Riara Kindergartens offer a child centered curriculum, giving every child an opportunity to learn and practice the essential social, emotional and problem solving skills while keeping in mind the fact that all children are unique and learn at their pace. Through a blend of outdoor and indoor play child will learn to share and take turns as they gain confidence in their own abilities and self-worth.

2. Riara Primary Schools:

– Riara Primary
– Riara Springs Primary

Riara Schools are centers of excellence offering holistic learner centered education based on the 8-4-4 curriculum. Since inception, the schools have upheld exceptional K.C.P.E results at the National level. In Riara, we appreciate that every learner is uniquely endowed with different talents. We therefore strive to identify, tap, nurture and purposely develop them so as to enable the leaner to positively impact the world.

3. Riara Springs Girls’ High School:

Riara Springs Girls’ High School is a unique girls’ boarding school that offers the 8-4-4 national curriculum. Our vision is to provide holistic education that focuses on the intellectual, emotional, psychological, social, spiritual and physical development of girls between the ages of 14 -18 yeas. The pursuit of academic excellence is at the centre of our educational approach.

4. Riara International School:

The Riara Group of Schools recently unveiled the Riara International School (RIS) that offers the British National Curriculum (BNC). RIS was started in September 2015. Currently it offers Year 1 to Year 3 with a total population of 29 students. The school is currently incubated at Annex III.

The Riara International School offers a high quality creative approach to development learning and achievement. We aim to nourish all aspects of the child through their experience in work and play. We want our students to acquire a strong academic foundation skills for life.