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The School offers a broad range of subjects giving each girl an opportunity to excel in areas of her choice within the Kenyan national curriculum. They include:


Sciences: Chemistry, Biology and Physics

Languages: English, Kiswahili, French  and Chinese

Creative and Technical subjects: Business studies, Music, Home

Science and Computer studies

Humanities: History, C.R.E and Geography

Chinese: is offered as part of the empowerment program not a curriculum subject

Computer studies is compulsory for F1 and F2 students

Art and Design
Art and Design is a broad-based interdisciplinary educational experience. It emphasizes the development of creative thinking and problem solving skills as they apply to emerging areas in the  arts, as well as the traditional areas of fine arts and design. An artist designer is a creative practitioner and image-maker who brings form to emotions and ideas. There is, however, a difference between a traditional artist and an artist designer: The artist designer visual message does not have to be personal, as they work for another, giving form to expressions or ideas of their client. In short, the artist designer is a visual translator.

Riara provides an opportunity for students who wish to combine the unique talent and the content offered in Art and Design (Drawing, Painting, Graphic design, Print making, Fabric decoration, Weaving, Collage , Mosaic making, Sculpture, Pottery and Ornamentation.)

More and more it is becoming apparent that art is truly beneficial, not only as a valid areas of study in its own right, but also because it tends  to improve academic performance in general. It  stimulates productivity, and involvement in the creative process causes the student  to blossom and become even more productive.

Art actually tends to improve students’ verbal and numerical skills which can be seen as a bonus by those who already value the arts for more aesthetic reasons. Furthermore problem-solving skills, which are essential in today’s world, are readily available through stimulating art assignments – assignments that require the students to produce numbers of novel ideas and then to make a series of choices to complete them. Such exercises require a number of important cognitive skills. Each student selects eleven subjects for the first two years of High School, and consequently narrowing down to eight for the K.C.S.E Examination in her last two years.