Parents Incentives to Students

» Parents Incentives to Students


Our school has a class based motivation program. This comprises of teachers and parent who from time to time arrange how to motivate the students.

In 2010 we have had a vibrant motivation team for the Form Four class. We undertook the following activities all geared towards encouraging the students to unleash their full potential:

Motivation speech by Mrs. Chele a parent – she addressed the students and paid particular emphasis on what the girl child is bound to get by working smart in this very competitive world. She shared her life experiences and the work demands and assured the girls that they are very supported by their parents and should reciprocate the same in their school results.

Mr. Kamau was invited to give a talk on demystifying mathematics. This was done during our annual careers day. The students were reminded the important role that mathematics plays in various degree courses offered in the universities.

Students have been given awards for performance in the various CATs and examinations.

We organized joint prayer meeting i.e. for parents representatives , teachers and students just before they sat for the Mock

In awarding the students we vary the criteria every time , after mocks made special recognition to two students who had made tremendous improvement by giving them trophies which will keep for ever.

The parents/ teachers motivation committee organized a luncheon at the carnivore restaurant where the students will be given advice just before they sat for the K.C.S.E.

The form four parents rewarded the students for the performance in the recently released K.C.S.E

All the other levels have initiated similar motivation programs for the students.

The school on its part continued to motivate the students in all classes every time an examination is done. The award scheme continues to vary and has been instrumental in charging the students to work even harder.


Parents are actively encouraged to participate in the education of their children through regular interactive sessions with the teachers and management. During these meetings parents are empowered to support their children in academic and social development.

Report by Mr. Mwaura 2011.