Our Curriculum

We offer a tailor made broad based curriculum which taps from the principles of various educational theories and philosophies, such the Piagetian theory of intellectual development, Albert Bandura’s theory of social learning, Montessori’s and Froebelian approach of experiential learning while still incorporating the requirements of the Kenya Institute of Education (K.I.E) curriculum. Play is central to all activities in our kindergarten. We believe that through play, children learn immensely as they explore, manipulate and experiment with the world around them.

We provide exciting and child friendly facilities and equipment for both in-door and out- door play.
In-door activities include role play, building with blocks and Lego, building puzzles, computer games, and beading, among others. Out-door activities include Swimming, Physical Education, gymnastics and Aerobics, music and movement, sand and water play. Apart from enhancing the fine and gross motor skills, these activities help in laying a foundation for imagination, creativity, socialization and for emotional growth and development.
To develop a child’s self-esteem and positive feelings towards learning;
• We provide experiences in all areas of development which include, moral, spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and emotional.
• Teachers prepare the learning environment for children to learn through exploration and interaction with materials.
• We encourage co-operation and sharing by allowing children to work in small groups.
• Self confidence is enhanced when we give children a chance to share their experiences with others, for example, what they did over the weekend during news time, through singing and reciting of poems, rhymes etc.
• Responsibility is enhanced by formulating simple rules for the children and insisting on the need to follow them e.g. putting back toys in their respective placesafter playing with them.As a way of cultivating acceptable values, we use our morning assemblies and circle time to help the children internalize and practice good morals. Forgiveness and use of magic words such as May I, Please, Thank you, excuse me are all emphasized.

Taking turns is practiced as children line up to go to the washrooms as well as for lunch so that they may learn the value of order and giving others a chance this consequently helps them to become patient with one another at school/ home.

By the time children leave our kindergarten, they are able to read and write as well as do basic addition and number work. This ensures they have a smooth transition to the primary school as they are adequately equipped with knowledge, attitudes and skills to fit well.