Clubs In The Riara springs

All the children have an opportunity to take part in a variety of co-curricular activities offered. Art is an integral part of our curriculum and therefore fundamental during language and number work lessons. All the class rooms are well displayed with artwork done by the children. This transforms the classrooms into a warm and child centered environment.

In our appreciation for the music education we offer music for its own sake besides enriching the entire curriculum. Each class has two music lessons in a week. Music assemblies are organized for each level once a week. Each Class gets a chance to perform before the whole school in the main assembly held on Fridays. These activities prepare the learners for the end of year concert in which an array of talent is evident as the children take part in singing, dancing, poetry and drama on stage in front of, invited guests and the whole school.

Additionally Piano lessons are offered to all children who have an interest especially those at the pre-primary level.

Sports Activities

Physical education constitutes an important part in the contribution of the overall development of the learners. All the learners participate in physical education lessons which are well varied and properly planned. We have gymnastics, aerobics, soccer and swimming lessons for all the learners.