Admission of children at the Kindergarten is dependent on the availability of vacancies; however, children intending to join the Intermediate and the Pre-Primary Level are required to do an entry assessment. This helps us to place them in the right class as well as for continuity purposes. Those intending to join:

1. Reception Level: Child needs to be at least 2.9 years as at 1st January
2. Intermediate Level: Child needs to be at least 4.2 years as at 1st January. A simple assessment, done for children joining us from other schools. Minimum reading level, should be Level 2
3. Pre-Unit Level: Child needs to be at least 5.2 years as at 1st January. Child should be confident with number values to 20, and read simple three and four letter words. Minimum reading level should be Level 3.

A simple assessment is  done for children joining us from other schools.

Following admission, parents are required to pay a commitment fee which is part of school fees for the term. The commitment fee reserves a place for your child

Kindergarten  Kshs
Reception 61,000.00
Inter-mediate 65,000.00
Pre-Primary 67,000.00

Download Fee Structure

Entry requirements include:-

• A progress report from previous school
• A birth certificate
• An application form which is available in our offices at  a fee of Kshs. 2,000 (non-refundable)

1. Purchase the application form from the accounts office and pay kshs. 2,000.00 as application fees and get appointment for Interview

2. Present your child to the respective school for an interview. The school will provide feedback on interview and admission.