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Frequently asked questions

i) If my child is turning 3 in August, would it be ok for him/her
To join school in third term? Parents of children who turn three after May are advised to allow their children to join school the following year after they turn three. This is because children are not able to master a whole year’s concepts in a term.

ii) Can I pack diapers for my 3 year old child as they come to school?
No, being toilet trained is a physical and a motor skill that should start at 2 years of age and attained by 3 years. Therefore, majority of children will remain dry throughout the day. Here at school, we take children to the washrooms at regular intervals to reduce “accidents” however we ask parents to bring a change of clothes so that we can change the child in case “accidents” occur.

iii) Which curriculum do you use?
The curriculum we use is tailor made to suit the needs of every individual child; it includes concern for the child’s physical, cognitive, social, moral and emotional development. The subjects taught include Number-work, Language, Reading, Science and Environmental Studies.

iv) How are you able to balance between the curriculum and all the activities you have throughout the year?
We believe that learning is not only confined in the walls of a classroom with children sitting down and listening to the teacher. Learning does take place in the field during a sports day or a fun day or even during the annual concert presentations. A lot of what we do during such functions is derived from our curriculum. These activities also instill creativity and self confidence in our children. The activities are tailor made and very objectively planned to reinforce learning activities.