Parents, Teachers and Pupils

Parents, Teachers and Pupils

At Riara, we uphold a tripartite mode of operation. Parents and teachers purposely partner in the best interest of the pupils. Forums to motivate both teachers and pupils in their work are organized. Such forums include the Motisha Club, Prize giving days and a staff award ceremony.

Parents and Teachers

  • PTA

Riara  Road has an active and independent Parent Teachers Association (PTA) that is concerned with improvement of standards and quality education.

  • Parents and Teachers Interactive meetings

These are meetings that are basically organized to help reinforce the tripartite agreement. Parents and teachers discuss pertinent issues affecting the pupils of a particular level. Such issues may be social, physical or academic.

  • Open days

Riara  operates on an open day policy . Parents are given an opportunity to discuss the progress of their children on a one-to-one basis. At the end of every term, one day is set aside for parents to discuss the progress of their children. This is the open day.