Riara Kindergarten

With our state of the art new facilities, the Riara Kindergarten offers a unique blend of early childhood programs designed to meet the needs of each child.
We Offer;

Swimming: We have a baby-friendly swimming pool at the school, and the children enjoy their lessons when the weather allows it.

Computers: Our colourful and child-friendly computer lab is well equipped with up to date flat screen computers making technology particularly attractive to the eager children.

Gymnastics: Aerobics, and gymnastics with a qualified sports teacher.

Music and Dance: Contemporary dance with a qualified dance teacher.

Library and Video: A custom built children’s library, well stocked with the latest audio-visual learning aids, as well as Reading Schemes.

Being involved in custom building it from scratch was a wonderful experience. What the new premise has done for the children is the best experience. We have a clean, attractive, well-designed school. – Mildred Obuya