School Events

As contained in our mission statement, our learning is geared towards holistic development of the child. We have a wide range of activities throughout the year that help identify, tap and nurture every child’s talents to their fullest potential.

Interactive Meetings

Every year we hold Parents’ –teacher’s Interactive meetings for each level. In these meetings, we give parents a chance to experience what their children go through every day as we take them through the year’s curriculum. The interactive meetings revolve round a theme. The theme is carefully integrated into all the activities and learning for the day. We expect parents to act and answer questions just like their children would in their respective ages. These meetings also help to strengthen the Riara Family Bond among parents commonly known as the Tripartite Agreement between the parents and the school in the best interest of the child.

Fun Day

Our main feature in term 1 is Fun day. The day gives an opportunity for children to have fun together with their parents within the school compound. Every child gets a chance to experience all the various fun filled activities, such as camel rides, face painting, musical chairs, horse rides, magic shows and many more.

Sports Day

Come second term and it’s time to show off our physical fitness during the annual sports day as we flex our muscles in fun filled activities that also display a seamless link between the physical, intellectual, social , moral and emotional development of the children.

Annual Concert

In third term we have our annual concert and graduation. The children display an array of talent in song, dance, drama and poetry as they creatively tell a story that is always guided by a well selected theme. We believe that involving children in drama enhances good oral communication skills, confidence, self esteem as well as prompting a child’s imagination. During such events, the children clearly send out their message to their audience


Children graduate at a colorful ceremony held at the Standard 1 campus. Graduation is a family celebration day, where the graduating children make presentations and receive certificates of merit and tokens from both the PTA and the school. Graduation is held at the end of Term 3 for the Pre-Unit class.