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In the Riara Group of Schools, high school is the only section that has a boarding department. This department is the most important as it looks into the welfare of the students. It aims at ensuring a conducive environment for the students to enable them achieve their goals.

Our school has outstanding purpose built boarding facilities where students live in cubicles that create a home away from home. There are four houses, each with a prefect who works under the overall hostel captain. The hostels are under the care of two live-in matrons assisted by hostel mistress who are teachers, all coordinated by a Boarding & Catering Head of Department. Together with the students, they work hand in hand to ensure the beauty and splendor of the hostels is maintained.
The students steered by the prefects and matrons maintain high standards of cleanliness and order in the hostels. They are provided with lockers for their personal items, all bedding and a towel. Hot water for showering is also availed for them.

This valuable asset is managed by a qualified nurse assisted by one of the matrons who is also a fully qualified nurse. It comes in handy in ensuring the health status of our students is well taken care of. The sanatorium attends to minor illnesses and gives first aid services to students. Major cases are referred to students’ family doctors via their parents.

The school provides nutritious and appetizing meals, whose menu is planned by qualified staff in consultation with the students. Just to mention but a few, pilau, French fries, spaghetti, chapatti, beef stew, chicken, cornflakes, vegetable salad and deserts like ice cream, jelly and fruits are some of what Riara has on their menu.

The school provides adequate leisure activities over the weekend which include skating, swimming, horse riding, visits to theaters and school based movies, music and other forms of entertainment. We assist students realize and nurture their talents to great heights of achievement.