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The Riara Springs Primary school is situated at Imara Daima off Mombasa Road. The Primary unit was opened on 11th January, 2000, a comprehensive institution for both boys and girls. Among the attractions of Riara Springs is the spacious environment, with lots of rooms and excellent facilities for children to engage in creative activities. This makes learning fun and interesting for our children. The school endeavors to be a Centre of Excellence, upholding the highest standards of academic achievement through professionalism, warmth and the love of God

Within an atmosphere of serenity and competence, Riara Springs Primary has cultivated a wealth of experience and gained credibility in the education of girls and boys at the primary level. We provide a rich, varied programme that enables every child to achieve his or her potential. Riara Springs Primary is one of the schools that have recorded consistency in excellent performance over the years. We have established a reputation of being among the top 10 schools in performance at the K.C.P.E. in Nairobi. Riara’s strides towards excellence banks on diverse student co- curricular life that provides both inspiration and aspirations. Clubs are an integral weekly routine, undertaken in the provision of quality holistic education that Riara envisions. Club activities are carefully selected to ensure that learning is stimulating, fulfilling and unique nurturing the children’s interests and skills. The nature of activities that each club presents usually guides registration and membership. Be it cookery, ICT, wildlife, choir, French, Scouting, skating, swimming, St. John Ambulance, Karate, Soccer clubs. The student’s choice and interest are always paramount. For over ten years now, stars have been born here and nurtured into giants in various professions.

In Riara Springs each level is staffed by dedicated and caring teachers all of whom are highly qualified professionals. Our teachers are kept up-to-date in the profession through regular in-service training and pedagogical upgrading. Particular attention is paid to children with special needs. At Riara Springs, we are determined to go for Gold always and make a difference both in our country and the world as a whole. Through various school activities, our pupils have reached out to sensitize the society on pertinent issues such as corruption, globalization, environmental degradation and social responsibility among others. Without a doubt Riara Springs is a centre of excellence where professionals help children be the best they can!