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If my child is from the G.C.E. system, will he/she fit in your system?

Riara has admitted and continues to admit pupils from the GCE system. However, this is only done before standard three. With our friendly and child centered approach to learning, the pupils have been able to adapt very fast to the 8-4-4 system.

We acknowledge the challenges that pupils from the GCE curriculum could face upon joining the 8-4-4 system. However, both systems share the conventional objectives of imparting knowledge and positive values to learners.

The interview session, done by all applicants, gives our teachers the opportunity to assess the ability of the candidates. Though all pupils are tested from the same pool of exams, consideration is given to those from the GCE curriculum during grading and rating especially in those subjects that are not emphasized in the international curriculum e.g. Kiswahili and Social Studies. Kindly be informed that only those subjects learnt in their former schools will be tested during the interview.

Appropriate policies have been put in place to assist the candidates from the international system of education upon entry in Riara. After overcoming the initial challenge of transition, which affects every new pupil, the adaptation phase is characterized by;
• The gradual introduction of new content.
• The use of diverse methodologies of instruction to integrate classroom teaching e.g. IT center, audio visual aids in the library, the art center, sports etc.
• Remedial lessons.
• Practical teaching to ensure faster impact of content covered.

How safe is my child during play?

Riara has put measures and precautions to guarantee safety while children are in school. Children engage in play mostly during mid-morning break and before they resume their afternoon classes after lunch.

There is always a minimum of ten teachers on weekly duty. Each of the teachers on duty is assigned a particular location in the school to guarantee among other things safety as the pupils play. The teachers on duty will therefore discourage any form of play that could lead to injury or damage to property.

Teachers who handle P.E. lessons are conversant with procedures of handling their respective classes. Lessons are well planned in advance and commence with proper warm ups to reduce chances of muscle pulls and cramps. While in the playing fields, the pupils are divided into manageable groups to ensure close supervision.

There are qualified school nurses attached to the main school and the annexes to deal with incidents of minor injuries. Incase of injury that require urgent reference to hospital, Riara is affiliated to E-Plus Emergency Medical Services whose professional first aiders and well equipped ambulances are at hand to take the injured to hospital of parents’ reference.

How do you get pupils joining a particular club?

Riara has adequate clubs and associations to cater for the diverse talents endowed on our pupils. Some of these clubs are; music, art, drama, soccer, swimming, skating, readers, taekwondo, chess e.t.c.

Clubs and associations are avenues of putting into practice our principle of provision of holistic education. Pupils join clubs of their choice depending on their talent and interests.

Patrons of clubs, who are teachers acquainted with their respective clubs, can also encourage pupils to join particular clubs upon discovering their talents which the club will help nature.

My child has never learnt CRE, how will you asses him/her?

Candidates for interview are only tested on subjects they have been learning in their former schools. If your child has not learnt CRE then be assured that it will not be tested during the interview session.

Upon entry, remedial lessons are carried out to ensure that your child catches up with the rest of the class in CRE. Kindly take note that the CRE syllabus does not propagate the Christian religion but puts prominence on the dissemination of positive values on our pupils e.g. kindness, love for each other, assisting the less fortunate in our society, respect for each other and property, respect for our bodies among many others.

My child would like to learn how to play a few musical instruments, is there a provision for this?

The music department offers an opportunity for musically inclined pupils to play wide variety of music instruments. These include piano, guitar, drums, voice, violin and recorder.