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School Head: Mrs. Naomi Mbugua

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Deputy Head-Teachers: 

1.Mr.Charles Kudate -Head Co-Curricular
2.Mr.Julius Wanyoike- Head Academics

Dean of studies: Mr. Francis Muhindi

Senior Teachers: 
Level 8: Mr. Antony Machira and Ms. Lucy Munuhe
Level 7: Mrs. Florence Njuguna
Level 6: Mr. George Ikonya and Ms. Grace Somi
Level 5: Mr. Yaddar Abisai
Level 4: Ms. Lucy Mbaka
Level 3: Mrs. Anne Mulandi
Level 2: Mrs Prisca Nyagah
Level 1: Mrs. Belinda Okoth
Co-curricular: Mr. Sande Atudo

Administrative Assistants(Main School): Ms. Ruth Asewe & Ms. Jayne Muema

Administrative Assistants(Annex III): Ms. Flora Mwangangi

Administrative Assistants(Annex I): Ms. Leah Amagove

School Nurses: Ms. Josephine Nyamwaya & Ms. Valentina Gathura

Transport Department: Mr. Jack Miruka, Mr. Alan Odero, Mr. Eugene Omudeck & Mr. Joel Muema

The school has a total 93 teachers who are qualified to handle the respective levels of learning. The teacher pupil ratio is approximately 1:25. The school also organizes workshops and seminars and other short courses to help keep the teachers abreast with current issues in the education sector.