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Riara Springs offers quality holistic education that moulds an all round child. This approach also makes learning fun and interesting to our children since all the examinable subjects are integrated with co-curricular activities.

Club activities are carefully selected to ensure that learning is stimulating, fulfilling and unique nurturing the children’s interests and skills. The nature of activities that each club presents usually guides registration and membership. Be it cookery, ICT, wildlife, School choir, Scouting, skating, swimming, St. John Ambulance, Karate or Soccer club. The student’s choice and interest are always paramount. For over ten years now, stars have been born here and nurtured into giants in various professions.

Educational Trips
Trips concretize concepts learnt in class and offer an out of class learning experience that gives a lasting to the learners as they grow up. In Riara we undertake both local and international trips. The places of interest are carefully selected in order to make sure they are in line with the curriculum and they are able to make children connect better with the concepts taught in class. In the past children have had visits to Egypt, Israel, South Africa, France and Tanzania. Local and international trips provide a varied learning exposure with pupils making visits to Farms, National Parks, Pre-historic sites and many more as they discover what their country and the whole world has to offer.

During the academic year we have activities that crown each term. The activities involve the participation of the parents who grace the school functions to be part of their children’s education. On each function we have a Guest of Honour who is picked from the parents in the school. In Riara we believe every child is a winner and unique in their own ways hence in all these functions children participation is a key element for the success of the activities.

  • Annual Prize giving day
    This takes place in first term. It is a special time when children are rewarded for their excellence in learning. The school has an all inclusive reward package that ensures children are rewarded for excellent performance in diverse spheres of education; whether that be academic excellence, sports, ICT, drama or even encouraging behavior in class. This is done during the School’s Prize Giving day. This motivates the children to do better.
  • Sports days
    The school has two sports days in term II of the academic year. One for the upper primary and another for the lower primary. At Riara springs the sports activities undertaken include swimming, soccer, netball, karate and skating. During the sports days the pupils participate in a wide range of athletics  and games. The school has a house system with each child belonging to a particular house. This encourages competition. The sports activities undertaken help the children grow physically as well as create a learning experience through play. Honesty and good completion of tasks are emphasized on.
  • Annual Concert
    The climax of the year are the annual school concerts. This is a time where children showcase their talents through poetry, drama, singing and music. The concerts are carefully organized to ensure pupils in all levels participate. We have a lower primary concert and an upper primary concert.
  • Open days
    This is a day set aside for parents and teachers to discuss the progress of their children. It is held at the end of each term. This day also offers an opportunity for parents to meet the class teachers of their children to discuss the progress made in that particular term.
  • Parents, teachers and pupils interactive meetings
    Parents are actively encouraged to participate in the education of their children through regular interactive sessions with the teachers and management. During these meetings parents are empowered to support their children in academic and social development.