Co-curricular Activities

We guide children to make sense of their physical world and their community through opportunities to explore, observe and find out about people, places, technology and the environment.
We offer a number of activities, which include choir, orchestra, dance, football, swimming, drama, science, ICT and wildlife.

RIS Orientation Meetings

The parents’ orientation meetings help provide parents with an insight and knowledge on the expectations of the school as well as the teachers. Parents meet their respective class teachers and have a candid discussion about their year group on how best to supervise and assist their children in their learning journey.The curriculum at each year group is discussed as well subjects and activities that occur each term. This is in line with the school’s mission:

    To provide a holistic education that enables each learner to acquire knowledge, and to develop social and moral values, through a friendly learning environment where professionals help the student realize his or her highest potential.

Covid Protocal

Covid-19 brought numerous changes to our lives. As our learners started their post- Covid academic year, they tried to the best of their ability to deal with the new normal as they gained knowledge. This was quite commendable. The teaching and non-teaching staff worked hand in hand to ensure that everyone who accessed our school premises was able to maintain the highest level of sanitation to avoid the spread of the virus!

Annual Prize Giving Day

This is an event held annually to award all students who have shown commendable progress in all spheres of school life.

PIPPSA Swimming Galas

Goggles on, cap in place. Waiting in silence. Face feels hot. ‘Girls 25m freestyle. Get ready. “Take your mark………. The deafening silence!
This is what our young boys and girls are exposed to at the PIPPSA developmental swimming galas held almost every other month. It brings a spark of excitement that can’t be explained. Although some of our swimmers are used to this kind of euphoria, especially when the competitors are battling out for the first spot in every heat, majority of our swimmers are usually there for the first time, hence a learning experience.
As our School Head, Mr. Anthony Mungai keeps on reminding us “We don’t take out learners who are the best; it is our duty to ensure that each and every willing learner is exposed to different sporting activities/competitions and maybe that hidden talent can be unearthed”
His remarks have been our motto and guiding principle when it comes to sports. Who knows, we might end up producing the next Ronaldo, Messi, Naomi Osaka or Michael Phelps.

To all students. “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

By Coach Humphrey

Mind Boggling With Mental Maths!

This is now an annual event that was initiated to: help improve memory and other cognitive skills including the speed of processing information; enhance confidence in learners as they solve problems and collaboratively solve mental problems.The students usually have great fun and are equally excited as they contest in their house teams namely Titans, Vikings, and the Morans.

KS 3 Presentation: Drug and Substance Abuse/World Aids Day Campaign Program

This campaign was as a result one of the objectives of our Key Stage 3 Students Advancement Programme of conducting termly Guidance and Counseling programs for our students. We saw the great need to sensitize the learners on the dangers of drug and substance abuse and their role in the spread of HIV/AIDS.
The programme is a continuous process, which involves learners conducting research in groups, then presenting their findings during various organized peer guidance, and counseling sessions. It took place on a weekly basis, throughout this term.
The student’s findings might not have been detailed and well elaborated, missing the professionalism and the expertise to handle the issue. This necessitated the involvement of a professional Guidance and Counseling expertise. The professional helped to put together the students’ research work and build on their research work to help them really understand the ways to abstain from drug and substance abuse thus gain awareness of the consequences of the same. The climax of this programme, which took place on 1st December 2021, coincided with the World AIDS Day. It was a resounding success!

By KS3 Team

Annual Concerts

Every year, our climax activity is engraved in the Annual concert. Intertwined within the graceful dances, melodic songs; and recited in the stanzas of different poems, the echoes of the theme of the annual concert is evident, rousing and forceful from the beginning to the end. The oratory prowess of our learners, personified in unique characters, is usually in full display and their confidence amazing!
In the end, parents, teachers and learners, regale and usually have a lot to take home from the many lessons that are gathered from that thrilling, informative and educative piece of art. You cannot dare want to miss next one!

Orientation Meeting

This usually takes place in January and is meant to make Parents/ Guardians, not just understand the curriculum, but also interact with the class teachers, understand the learning procedures and ask pertinent questions.

Coffee Evening

Our custom is to welcome new parents and make them feel like RIS family. The coffee evening was meant to initiate the new parent to the RIS family, to inform them on what we do as a school, and offer them a platform to express themselves. This follows the orientation meeting and is meant for those new parents who join us after the orientation meetings.

Starehe Girls Centre Fundraising Walk

As part of our CSR, we participate in the Starehe Girls Centre Fund Raising Walk that was held annually. The Riara fraternity holds this event special because our founder, Prof. Eddah Gachukia is one of the founders of the Starehe Girls Centre. The funds we raise goes towards the sponsoring of bright yet needy girls that join the Centre. We still welcome your contribution towards this very noble cause.

Book Week

This is another colourful annual event that begins with avid readership, proceeds to character and author imitation, then authoring books and culminates with a splendid show where all parents are invited to witness the Grand finale.


We usually have educational day trips per class that are tailor-made to cater for the curriculum objectives.We also have overnight trips organized to tour different parts of the country. They are held during the school holidays.Finally we have international trips to other coutries like France, UK, etc.

Science Fair

It was a big milestone as our students presented their first science fair projects this term. Each student from year one through to four expressed their scientific skills, largely in questioning, making predictions, carrying out science tests and making conclusions from their observations. The science fair was both exciting and a great eye opener to all the students. Each one of them was able to understand to a big extent the scientific process. In addition to advancement in scientific knowledge, the student’s confidence in expressing themselves orally was largely fortified . We thank the parents for their support in preparing for the science fair. Your presence during the students’ presentation, can’t be taken for granted. Thank you parents. We however continue to work hard to ensure next year’s Science Fair is more exciting and urge the parents to support us fully with this.


We are happy to note that our children have developed a positive attitude not only towards PE/SPORTS but also swimming. We have had the chance of participating in various football tournaments. More matches are scheduled for coming terms alongside cricket for boys and rounders for girls.


We have an array of clubs in the school that we offer every Friday and for those who have time and want fun, we offer Saturday clubs
These include:
• GP carting • Dancing soccer • Chess
• Taekwondo • Horse riding • Ice skating
• Roller skating • Art and crafts
• Musical instruments and vocals
• Cookery • Soccer • Swimming
Among many more

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